Precast in Structures Award 2018

Concrete & Steel Construction | Febe Awards


Train passengers have been able to park their cars safely and conveniently in the new underground car park at Mechelen station since the beginning of September. The SNCB realised more than 2,000 parking spaces over 3 levels, each with an area of about 20,000 m², representing an investment of 64 million euros.

3 applications of precast concrete were used in the design of the underground car park:

  • the columns and slopes of the helicoids
  • the load-bearing wall in the circulation space
  • and floor elements with a free span of 16 metres

All technical installations were integrated into and between the prefabricated elements so that the parking levels are very clear and obstacle-free. Prefabrication made it possible to reduce the execution time, which was a must given the size of the car park.

SNCB attaches great importance to the mobility of its customers and is investing heavily in the expansion and renewal of its car parks. When stations have good parking facilities, travellers are also more likely to switch to public transport because they can transfer easily and comfortably. The new underground car park at Mechelen station fits perfectly into this vision.

This project was an excellent opportunity for building owners and designers to fully exploit the advantages of precast concrete.

Architect: NMBS - Directie Stations

Prefabricator: Betca nv

Contractor: THV Mechelen Stationsparking - AB-Valens - MBG

Engineering office: NMBS - Directie Stations

Client: NMBS -Directie Stations

Opinion of the jury

The station car park in Mechelen is characterised by an intelligent overall concept with a clear structure. The jury noted that prefabricated concrete was used right from the design phase. Clever solutions were devised, such as the round precast elements of the access roundabout, which require only minimal formwork. Or the inner fa├žade with vistas, which takes shape in the precast concrete. The helicoids form a clear landmark within the car park and provide daylighting. They provide architectural added value, create a pleasant spatial experience and beautiful views. The car park is "future-proof" thanks to the technical niches integrated into the structure, which are prepared for deployment as an all-electric charging park.


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